‘Recurring Services Play Growing Role in MSP Revenues’


44 percent of MSPs around the globe have stated that more than 50 percent of their revenue is currently the result of recurring services. This is the most important outcome of Datto’s latest annual State of the MSP Report conducted by technology market analyst firm Canalys.

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This is one smart device that every urban home could use

Living in a dense urban environment brings many startup-fuelled conveniences, be it near instant delivery of food — or pretty much whatever else you fancy — to a whole range of wheels that can be hopped on (or into) to whisk you around at the tap of an app. But the biggest problem afflicting city […]

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Growth, Kubernetes, rocket launches, gender in tech, and more Luckin Coffee

Housekeeping & Extra Crunch 20% event discount reminder Extra Crunch will not be publishing on Monday due to the Memorial Day holiday in the United States. Publishing will resume as normal on Tuesday. Reminder: if you are an annual member of Extra Crunch, your membership includes a 20% discount on event tickets and exhibitor packages. […]

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Which public US universities graduate the most funded founders?

When it comes to public universities, the old adage “you get what you pay for” clearly does not apply. Leading public research universities have a track record of turning out successful graduates.

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Startups Weekly: VCs are drunk on beverage startups

In this week’s newsletter: Y Combinator has a new president, DoorDash raises $600M and startups go on acquisition sprees.

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Amazon EC2 abuse report – Quick way to fix

Amazon EC2 give users an option to setup apps without bothering much about servers. But, when you are with Amazon, you are bound to follow their usage policy. Any resource abuse will immediately send an Amazon EC2 abuse report. And, this needs quick action to avoid service disruption. That’s why, we often get requests from […]

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