Singularity 6 raises $16.5M from Andreessen Horowitz to create a ‘virtual society’

When Fortnite reached stratospheric reputation early final year, there have been undoubtedly an awful lot of VCs on the sidelines hunting enviously at the enormous platform and asking yourself what possibilities could be gleaned from its fast rise.

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Epic Games went on to raise later that year at a almost $15 billion valuation so some of these investors decided to invest straight in the Fortnite creator’s continued ascent, but other people have been hunting to get in on the ground floor of new operations that are aiming to rethink the line among video games and social networks.

Currently, Andreessen Horowitz announced that it’s major the $16.5 million Series A of a stealthy gaming startup referred to as Singularity 6. The startup’s ex-Riot Games co-founders claim their venture is much less focused on constructing a button-mashing competitive shooter than it is a “virtual society” exactly where customers can create relationships with in-game characters powered by “complex AI”.

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Singularity 6

Singularity 6 co-founders Anthony Leung (left)and Aidan Karabaich (proper)

London Venture Partners (LVP) and FunPlus Ventures also participated in the Series A round. LVP led the organization’s $2.5 million seed round final year.

“The near term focus is our first product, building a world that begins to tackle the community simulation space, and that’;s really combining a strong virtual community with deep and compelling gameplay,” CEO Anthony Leung told TechCrunch in an interview.

He says that the organization’s influences for its initially title incorporate “Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.”

Whilst the co-founder did specify that Singularity 6 is a “game and tech company” he didn’t have also a great deal to say about what that tech was. “We actually have to roll out a lot of custom tech, because there aren’;t really any off-the-shelf solutions for the MMO aspects or the virtual community features,” Leung told us.

A16z has currently invested in a organization constructing the underlying tech for MMOs, Improbable, which has raised $600 million+ for its server-stitching SpatialOS platform. Investors like Andreessen Horowitz are largely ambitious that the gaming market place will continue to develop as significant players invest heavily in platforms that make the titles much more accessible to new user bases.

“Interactive entertainment has become more mainstream and approachable than ever before, as technology use is no longer for fringe or techy groups –; this new generation of ‘;gamers’; is becoming more inclusive of everyone –; as immersive, digital experiences will become as accessible and commonplace as the social forums we know and love today.” wrote a16z Companion Andrew Chen, who is taking a seat on Singularity 6’s board as component of this deal, in a weblog post.

Singularity 6 isn’t sharing a release date for its “virtual society” really but, but Leung tells me the title is “still a ways out” from launch.