osCommerce Internal Server Error – Top fixes

A buggy web site is a actual headache!

And these errors on osCommerce purchasing internet sites can be pretty devastating. It even drives away your valid shoppers.

osCommerce internal server error normally happens due to undesirable settings in .htaccess file, forbidden permissions, incorrect PHP settings, and so forth.

At Bobcares, we frequently get requests to repair internal server errors as a element of our Server Management Solutions.

These days, let’s have a appear into the error and see how our Assistance Engineers resolve 500 errors for our shoppers.


A fast appear at the internal server error

We’ll start by checking on how the internal server error shows up in the osCommerce web site.

osCommerce computer software runs on any internet server that makes use of PHP as its programming language and MySQL as its database.

Fundamentally, the internal server error is a server-side error. This error normally indicates that the webserver is possessing some difficulty in serving the pages. But the server is not capable to specify the precise purpose.

For instance, the internal server error in osCommerce appear like,


Internal server error in osCommerce website

Causes for internal server error and its repair

The precise purpose for the internet server’s incapability to serve the osCommerce web page can be diverse. Let’s now have a detailed appear into the causes and repair for the error.

As an initial step of fixing the error, the Assistance Group checks for the webserver error log. For instance, in Apache server, we verify the logs at /usr/nearby/apache/logs/error_log. This provides the precise purpose for the error. The prevalent probable motives for the error are:

  1. Incorrect setting in .htaccess file
  2. Use of forbidden permissions for folder or file
  3. Incorrect PHP settings

We will now talk about each and every purpose in detail.


1. Incorrect setting in .htaccess file

Apache servers use the .htaccess as a default file to specify rewrite guidelines. For the rewrite guidelines to perform, the webserver should really have mod_rewrite module help.

If we see rewrite module help missing on an Ubuntu server, we allow it by operating

sudo a2enmod rewrite

And restart apache utilizing

sudo systemctl restart apache2

Similarly, any error in the .htaccess file will outcome in an internal server error as well. Largely errors seem due to syntax error, typo errors, and so forth. in the rewrite guidelines.

When .htaccess includes an unsupported entry, it clearly shows up in the error log.

[Mon Aug 12 00:19:08 2014] [alert] [client 15x.xx.yy.85] /property/xxxx/domains/xxxx/public_html/.htaccess: Solution All not permitted right here

Hence, when our shoppers strategy us with 500 errors, our Assistance Group checks the .htaccess file and repair the rewrite guidelines.


2. Incorrect file or folder permissions

Similarly, incorrect file and folder permissions also outcome in an internal server error.

Some safe PHP handlers like suPHP do not permit particular folder and file permissions. That is, when the osCommerce folder or file has 777 permissions, it shows internal server error. Typically, the recommended folder permission is 755 and file permission is 644.

Poor permissions frequently report in error logs as:

[Thu Aug 29 12:37:40 2019] [crit] [client 9x.xxx.xx.228] (13)Permission denied: /property/xxx/public_html/shop/.htaccess pcfg_openfile: unable to verify htaccess file, guarantee it is readable

This clearly indicates that the internet server can not study the .htaccess file. Hence, when the web site reports internal server error, we switch to osCommerce directory and modify folder permissions utilizing the command:

locate . -kind d | xargs chmod 755

Similarly, to modify the file permissions, we use the command:

locate . -kind f | xargs chmod 644


3. Incorrect PHP settings

Syntax errors in PHP files also outcome in an internal server error. All variables in PHP files are case sensitive. Hence, incorrect usage final results in an error. So, when our shoppers strategy us with this error, our Assistance Engineers appropriate the PHP configurations in the php.ini file. This tends to make the osCommerce web site loading once again.


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In brief, osCommerce internal server error is a server-side error that normally happens due to undesirable settings in the server files. So far, we had a detailed appear into the error and we saw how our Assistance Engineers repair it for our shoppers.

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