Tesla is raising the price of its full self-driving option

In a handful of weeks, Tesla purchasers will have to spend extra for an alternative that isn’t but entirely functional, but that CEO Elon Musk promises will one particular day provide complete autonomous driving capabilities.

Musk tweeted Saturday that the price tag of its complete self-driving alternative will “increase substantially over time” starting May well 1.

Tesla cars are not self-driving. Musk has promised that the sophisticated driver help capabilities on Tesla cars will continue to strengthen till at some point reaching that complete automation higher-water mark.

Musk didn’t offer a precise figure, but in response to a query on Twitter, he stated the improve would be “something like” about the $3,000+ figure. Complete self-driving at present charges $5,000.

The price tag hike comes amid various notable alterations and events, which includes an upcoming Investor Autonomy Day on April 22 meant to clarify and showcase Tesla’s autonomous driving technologies. On Thursday, Tesla announced that Autopilot, its sophisticated driver help program that presents a mixture of adaptive cruise handle and lane steering, is now a typical function.

The price tag of cars with the typical Autopilot is greater (though it should really be noted that this typical function is significantly less than the prior price of the alternative).  Purchasers previously had to spend $3,000 for the alternative and examples provided by Tesla recommend a $500 savings.

Tesla also announced it would start leasing the Model 3 cars.

The extra robust version of Autopilot is named Complete Self-Driving, or FSD, and at present charges an further $5,000. FSD involves Summon as nicely as Navigate on Autopilot, an active guidance program that navigates a auto from a highway on-ramp to off-ramp, which includes interchanges and producing lane alterations. As soon as drivers enter a location into the navigation program, they can allow “Navigate on Autopilot” for that trip.

Tesla continues to strengthen Navigate on Autopilot and the broader FSD program via more than-the-air software program updates. The firm says on its web site that FSD will quickly be capable to recognize and respond to targeted traffic lights and cease indicators and automatically driving on city streets. 

The subsequent main step transform is a new custom chip named Hardware 3 that Tesla lately started creating. The Tesla-constructed piece of hardware is created to have higher processing energy than the Nvidia pc at present in Model S, X, and 3 cars.

Musk tweeted Saturday that Tesla will start swapping the new custom chip into current cars in a handful of months.

Musk has been promising complete self-driving for years now. In late 2016, when Tesla began creating electric cars with a extra robust suite of sensors, radar and cameras that would let greater levels of automated driving, it also began taking funds from prospects for FSD. Musk stated at the time, it would develop into out there if and when the technical challenges had been conquered and regulatory approvals had been met.