ScyllaDB takes on Amazon with new DynamoDB migration tool

There are a lot of open source databases out there, and ScyllaDB, a NoSQL variety, is looking to differentiate itself by attracting none other than Amazon users. Today, it announced a DynamoDB migration tool to help Amazon customers move to its product. It’s a bold move, but Scylla, which has a free open source product […]

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Cockroach Labs announces $55M Series C to battle industry giants

Cockroach Labs, makers of CockroachDB, sits in a tough position in the database market. On one side, it has traditional database vendors like Oracle, and on the other there’s AWS and its family of databases. It takes some good technology and serious dollars to compete with those companies. Cockroach took care of the latter with […]

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Fluree grabs $4.7M seed round to build blockchain-based database

Fluree, a North Carolina startup that wants to bring the immutability of blockchain to the database, announced a $4.7 million seed round today led by ​4490 Ventures​ with participation from Revolution’s Rise of the Rest Seed Fund​. As CEO and co-founder Brian Platz explains, the database combines blockchain and graph database technologies to offer a […]

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Microsoft brings Azure SQL Database to the edge (and Arm)

Microsoft today announced an interesting update to its database lineup with the preview of Azure SQL Database Edge, a new tool that brings the same database engine that powers Azure SQL Database in the cloud to edge computing devices, including, for the first time, Arm-based machines. Azure SQL Edge, Azure corporate vice president Julia White […]

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Getting Started with DigitalOcean Managed Databases for PostgreSQL

Fully managed, and scalable database clusters without the administrative overhead. 🔗 Managed Databases → ✅ Worry-free setup & maintenance Easily launch your database with the push of a button while we handle your maintenance operations and updates. Then you can access and manage your databases through our simplified UI or programmatically through our API. […]

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They scaled YouTube. Now they’ll shard everyone with PlanetScale

When the former CTOs of YouTube, Facebook, and Dropbox seed fund a database startup, you know there’s something special going on under the hood. Jiten Vaidya and Sugu Sougoumarane saved YouTube from a scalability nightmare by inventing and open sourcing Vitess, a brilliant relational data storage system. But in the decade since working there, the pair […]

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#HJpicks: Prime-10 Database Traits and Tasks


Every week, the editorial staff publishes a special selection of editorial pieces on a certain topic or trend. This week our editors provide you with a Top-10 list of the most interesting news items on Database trends and market developments.

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