5 Myths About WordPress Activity Logs Explained

It’s easy to assume that activity logs are something only a few websites can benefit from, or that they include far too much data to sort through. However, these assumptions are incorrect. Any type of website can benefit from having an activity log, from the smallest to the most complex. Understanding how activity logs work …

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Jetpack: The Final Plugin Your WordPress Web site Completely Wants

If you’re using WordPress to run your website, you know just how complicated things can get. You need to install a plugin for literally everything. Whether it’s making backups, setting up a virus scanner or even writing on a decent Word editor – you can only get those things if you install plugins. And here’s the problem: With each new plugin you install, you get a different set of options and tools you need to use. And that’s why, the more plugins you install, the more time it takes maintaining…

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Elementor Market for WordPress: The Last Piece of the Puzzle

Elementor is the WordPress Page builder rocking the web these days. Thanks to its power to reveal the true potential of WordPress, Elementor is getting quite popular among both professional web developers and non-programmers. There is no doubt that if you are building a website with WordPress, you will hear about Elementor quite often in […]

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