Plaid puts Quovo acquisition right to work with new investments product

When Plaid acquired Quovo earlier this year, it was clear the corporation wanted to move beyond checking and savings information to a broader view of investments. Right now, the corporation announced Investments, an API primarily based on Quovo, that enables consumers to pull in investment information into their apps.

Lowell Putnam, head of partnerships at Plaid and former CEO and co-founder at Quovo, says there has been a hunger for this sort of information from consumers and developers, and the Quovo buy helped accelerate that inside Plaid .

“I think that the origins of the product comes from a company that I co-founded and also broader demand that Plaid has seen in the past several years. It shouldn’;t come as a surprise that a lot of our customers want the full 360 degree view of their clients,” Putnam told TechCrunch.

An investment account offers special challenges more than a checking or savings account, which has a particular quantity of money at any offered time.”Rather of owning just money in an account, investment accounts hold several securities in the exact same accounts, and the securities modify in worth, regardless of [whether you engage in trade activity or not], Putnam stated.

Plaid sees this capability tremendously expanding how developers use their APIs moving forward. “With connectivity to investment accounts, Plaid can serve a whole new set of use cases to enable developers, technology platforms, and financial institutions to deliver more insightful and compelling products,” the corporation wrote in a weblog post announcing the new solution.

He says that the two corporations had recognized the energy of bringing this sort of info into any monetary application, even just before the acquisition, and they have been functioning difficult to make it come about considering the fact that. “We realized that we have the opportunity to bring Quovo’;s investment data expertise into the Plaid API stack, and do that with all of the tweaks and changes and enhancements that we’;ve both been thinking about for the past several years,” he stated.

The new solution is obtainable in the US beginning now. It will be rolled out in other regions all through the year.