Amazon orders 100K electric delivery trucks from Rivian as part of going carbon neutral by 2040

Amazon will be stepping up its efforts to lessen its climate effect, CEO Jeff Bezos announced on Thursday. The enterprise will be ordering 100,000 electric delivery trucks from Michigan’s Rivian as aspect of this commitment, Bezos mentioned. The commerce giant will seek to meet its purpose of becoming carbon neutral by 2040 – 10 years earlier than is outlined by the United Nations Paris Agreement.

Bezos mentioned at a National Press Club occasion in Washington exactly where he produced the announcement that the updated timeline is due to the raise in climate alter, which has been additional aggressive than even some of the additional significant predictions had anticipated 5 years ago whine the Paris agreement was reached.

Amazon’s overarching efforts to make the enterprise carbon neutral are bundled beneath a strategy the enterprise is calling the “Climate Pledge,” which will be open to other businesses as nicely. In addition to efforts like the Rivian order for emission-cost-free delivery automobiles, Amazon will also be in search of  to lessen its footprint by way of other suggests, like solar power and carbon offsets.

Rivian noted that this was the biggest order to date of any electric delivery automobiles, and that they’d commence truly deploying for Amazon beginning in 2021. Amazon led a $700 million investment round in Rivian in February, and the enterprise announced a additional $350 million from auto sector giant Cox Automotive earlier this month. Automaker Ford revealed a $500 million investment in Rivian in April, also.

Rivian also has plans to construct and ship customer automobiles, like the all-electric pickup truck and SUV it revelled late final year, which it aims to commence delivering to clients in 2020.