Battlefield winner Forethought adds tool to automate support ticket routing

Final year at this time, Forethought won the TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield competitors. A  $9 million Series A investment followed final December. Right now at TechCrunch Sessions: Enterprise in San Francisco, the firm introduced the most current addition to its platform named Agatha Predictions.

Forethought CEO and co-founder, Deon Nicholas, mentioned that just after launching its original solution, Agatha Answers to deliver recommended answers to client queries, shoppers had been asking for aid with the routing component of the method, as nicely. “We learned that there’;s a there’;s a whole front end of that problem before the ticket even gets to the agent,” he mentioned. Forethought created Agatha Predictions to aid sort the tickets and get them to the most certified agent to resolve the issue.

“It’;s effectively an entire tool that helps triage and route tickets. So when a ticket is coming in, it can predict whether it’;s a high priority or low priority ticket and which agent is best qualified to handle this question. And this all happens before the agent even touches the ticket. This really helps drive efficiencies across the organization by helping to reduce triage time,” Nicholas explained.

The original solution Agatha Answers is made to aid agents get answers extra promptly and decrease the quantity of time it requires to resolve an concern. “It’s a tool that integrates into your Assist Desk application, indexes your previous help tickets, expertise base articles and other [related content]. Then we give agents recommended answers to aid them close queries with decreased deal with time,” Nicholas mentioned.

He says that Agatha Predictions is primarily based on the exact same underlying AI engine as Agatha Answers. Each use Organic Language Understanding (NLU) created by the firm. “We’ve been developing out our solution, and the Organic Language Understanding engine, the engine behind the method, operates in a quite related manner [across our products]. So as a ticket comes in the AI reads it, understands what the client is asking about, and understands the semantics, the words getting utilized,” he explained. This enables them to automate the routing and provide a most likely answer for the concern involved.

Nicholas maintains that winning Battlefield gave his firm a jump start out and a specific legitimacy it lacked as an early-stage startup. Lots of shoppers came knocking just after the occasion, as did investors. The firm has grown from 5 staff when it launched final year at TechCrunch Disrupt to 20 these days.