Waymo is creating 3D maps of Los Angeles to better understand traffic congestion

Waymo, the autonomous car corporation beneath Alphabet, has began generating 3D maps in some heavily trafficked sections of Los Angeles to much better recognize congestion there and establish if its self-driving cars would be a great match in the city.

For now, Waymo is bringing just 3 of its self-driving Chrysler Pacifica minivans to Los Angeles to map downtown and a section of Wilshire Boulevard identified as Miracle Mile.

Waymo workers will initially drive the cars to develop 3D maps of the city. These maps are in contrast to Google Maps or Waze. Rather, they contain topographical characteristics such as lane merges, shared turn lanes and curb heights as properly as road forms and the distance and dimensions of the road itself, according to Waymo. That information is combined with site visitors manage details like indicators, the lengths of crosswalks and the areas of site visitors lights.

Waymo does have a permit to test autonomous cars in California and could theoretically deploy its fleet in Los Angeles. But for now, the corporation is in mapping and assessment mode. Waymo’s foray into Los Angeles is made to give the corporation insight into driving situations there and how its AV technologies may well someday be made use of.

The corporation stated it doesn’t program to launch a rider system like its Waymo 1 one particular at the moment operating in suburbs of Phoenix . Waymo 1 enables folks to hail a ride in one particular of the self-driving automobiles, which have a human security driver behind the wheel.

The self-driving auto corporation started testing its autonomous cars in and about Mountain View, Calif., ahead of branching out to other cities and climate, like Novi, Mich., Kirkland, Wash., San Francisco and extra not too long ago in Florida. But the bulk of the company’s activities have been in suburbs of Phoenix  and about Mountain View — two locations with lots of sun, and even blowing dust, in the case of Phoenix.