Error dropping database errno: 39 – How we figured it out?

At instances, dropping and restoring databases can be a fast way to restore sites.

But, what if database drop try ends up in error dropping database errno: 39?

Pretty frustrating appropriate?

This error code suggests that the directory you are attempting to drop is not empty, it includes some hidden files.

At Bobcares, we frequently get requests on database errors as a aspect of our Server Management Solutions.

Nowadays, let’s have a appear into errno: 39 error code and see how our Assistance Engineers repair it for our buyers.


What is error dropping database errno 39?

Database customers normally cross a lot of conditions exactly where they Make, DROP, Pick databases. Right here, let’s appear into the DROP DATABASE statement in detail.

For instance, dropping a database suggests deleting an current database. So, when does the error errno:39 happen?

One particular of our buyers wanted to drop the database userdb. Following executing the command to drop the database, it ended up as,

mysql> drop database userdb

ERROR 1010 (HY000): Error dropping database (can not rmdir './userdb', errno: 39)


Right here, the code errno: 39 denotes that the directory is not empty. That is, there are some hidden files in the database directory. But the MySQL is unaware of these files.

Above all, the error statement describes that the MySQL service can’t eliminate the directory of the database userdb.

A related error in PHPMyAdmin will seem as :

Fixing errno 39 error

So far, we saw what is errno 39 error when dropping the database.

Now, let’s see how our Assistance Group repair this error for our buyers.

Firstly, we verify the database directory. In a Linux program, the database directory place will be normally at /var/lib/mysql

cd /var/lib/mysql/userdb

We list all files in the directory and verify for files that show up errors when dropping the database.

Largely, hidden files, .ibd file, causes the error errno:39.

To repair the error the Assistance Group removes the error causing files manually.

Database modifications are irreversible. Consequently, we normally take a backup of the whole database directory to steer clear of any mishap.

Ultimately, we execute the DATABASE DROP command. This quickly empty the database.


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In brief, the error dropping database errno: 39 happens due to files that are inaccessible by the database. We also saw how our Assistance Group repair it for our buyers.

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