Nodejs cPanel alternative – What are the available options?

An interactive web site attract customers conveniently. Thanks to Nodejs, making genuine-time web-sites with Reside Chat, immediate messaging, and so on. is rather quick.

But, migrating such web-sites will need suitable preparing. And, the readily available Nodejs cPanel option choices contain Plesk, Virtualmin, and so on.

At Bobcares, we get consultation requests from our prospects relating to manage panel option as component of our Server Migration Solutions.

Right now, we’ll see the merits and demerits of a variety of Nodejs cPanel option choices.


How is Node.js app beneficial?

Node.js is a run-time atmosphere that makes it possible for the executing of code on the server side.

Primarily, Node.js is utilized to generate genuine-time net applications. A further sweet-spot instance for Node.js will be the eCommerce transactions. It contain web-sites that has chatting apps, immediate messaging like WhatsApp, and so on.

In addition, video conference application, on-line gaming, neighborhood storage options are some of the other genuine-time applications.

Common web-sites that make use of the node.js platform contain eBay, PayPal, LinkedIn and a lot of additional.

And the preferred manage panels which supports Node.js are cPanel, Plesk Onyx, Virtualmin, and so on.


Nodejs cPanel option choices

Can you recommend some totally free options of cPanel that provide Node.js help?

This was a current buyer query we got at the assist desk of our Server Migration Solutions.

Primarily based on our practical experience in server management, we see that prospects mainly favor Plesk Onyx or Virtualmin as an option to cPanel manage panel.

Now, let’s see additional specifics about Node.js help in Plesk Onyx and Virtualmin.


1. Plesk Onyx

Plesk Onyx comes with a special Node.js extension enabling you to readily manage applications. It conveniently functions as a run-time atmosphere for establishing server-side Internet applications.

Thankfully, the Node.js extension is supplied for Totally free in Plesk.

Also, adding Node.js help in Plesk enables you to do the following.

  1. We can add Node.js applications to the web-sites
  2. Managing of application like start out/cease/restart the application, editing the configuration files becomes fairly quick.
  3. Plesk supports the installation of a number of Node.js versions on the similar server.


How to set up Node.js on Plesk Onyx

Right here, let’s see how our Help Engineers. set up Node.js extension on Plesk.

1. Initially, we log into Plesk manage panel.

2. Then, we go to Tools & Settings, and click “Updates and Upgrades”.

3. Subsequent, we click on  “Add/Remove Components”. Also, we expand Internet hosting and choose the “NodeJS support” element.

4. Lastly, we click on Continue to start the installation.

In a handful of minutes, Node.js extension will be installed.


In addition, when we migrate a server from cPanel to Plesk, we ought to set up the Node.js extension server wide. Once more, it is required to allow the Node.js element per domains.

To allow the Node.js for a domain, we go to Sites & Domains >> Node.js >> click on Allow Node.js icon to activate it.



2. Virtualmin

Virtualmin is a preferred and open-supply manage panel that aids to handle the Linux servers. Also, it makes it possible for the installation of apps such as Node.js.

In order to set up Node.js on Debian or Ubuntu, there ought to be an current package in the repository named “nodejs”. So, we can just set up that with apt.

For that, we use the following actions.

1. Firstly, we login into the server as a root user

2. Then, we run the under command to refresh the APT cache.

apt update

3. Subsequent, we set up Node.js by operating the following command.

apt set up nodejs

Also. we can verify the Node.js version with nodejs -v command.


[Having trouble while setting up NodeJs on a server? We’;ll fix it for you.] 



In brief, Plesk and Virtualmin are the preferred Node.js cPanel option choices in Linux. Right now, we saw the pros and cons of these manage panels primarily based on the practical experience of our Help Engineers.

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