ODBC error 80004005 – Top 5 reasons and fixes

An effortless way to develop dynamic web site application entails Open Database Connectivity aka ODBC.

On the other hand, internet apps can fail due to errors with ODBC database connection. And, they report ODBC error 80004005.

Obtaining the true purpose behind the ODBC error can be difficult. That’s why, we frequently acquire requests to repair odbc errors as portion of our Server Management Solutions.

In this create-up, we’ll analyze the prime 5 causes for ODBC error 80004005 and how our Database specialists repair it.

How does error 80004005 appear like?

A vast majority of web sites in net use database as its back-finish. These web sites retailer the user information and associated information in the databases. And, to make these information show on the web site, we generally use ODBC process.

Luckily, this ODBC process is independent of web site coding language. That is, it doesn’t matter no matter if your web site utilizes PHP or ASP code.

It is the ODBC database drivers that hold the underlying database information and assists to connect to the database systems. And, if for some purpose this database connection fails, it final results in ODBC error 80004005. For instance, a standard error web page appears like:

ODBC error 80004005

In basic, such ODBC errors show up with web sites working with MS Access databases. These ASP web sites produce these errors when obtaining difficulty accessing the database file.

What causes ODBC error 80004005 ?

Now, its time to verify on the causes for error 80004005. From our knowledge in managing web sites, our Committed Engineers usually encounter this message in numerous situation.


1. Incorrect permissions

Generally, Windows web sites really should have access rights on the database files with extension .mdb, .ldb, and so forth.. If any of the study or create permissions are missing, web site will show error 80004005. Basically, the web site user Require MODIFY permissions on the whole database directory. This enables the approach to develop a lock file (ldb) in the similar directory as the mdb file.

The similar error can take place if the web site database .mdb file has a Study ONLY attribute set.


2. Incorrect DSN settings

A further popular purpose for ODBC errors attributes to Information Space Name aka DSN settings. In basic, DSN holds the details of web site particular database that ODBC driver connects to. Any incorrect information will lead to complications with ODBC connection.

At instances, prospects overlook to develop DSN, or add incorrect path to the database file. Once again, in servers with handle panels, usually DSN creation may perhaps not develop vital files on the server. This also develop ODBC errors.


3. Corrupt database

Definitely, a corrupt database will normally outcome in an error. And, in such circumstances, search query will not yield right final results and show up ODBC error 80004005.


4. Currently operating approach

Microsoft access databases have difficulty in handling many processes at a time. When a approach nonetheless has a file manage open to the db, it can show ODBC connection error. This usually takes place when customers do not close the connection correctly. For instance, a partial upload of database file by means of FTP client can leave behind an open connection.


5. SQL server restrictions

Final and not the least, SQL server safety restriction can also be a purpose for ODBC error 80004005. When SQL Enterprise Manager has Integrated safety turned on, the windows account really should be mapped to the database account. Else, it will outcome in web site errors.


How we repair ODBC error 80004005

Now that we know the standard causes for the error 80004005, let’s verify on how our Database Engineers resolve ODBC errors for our prospects.

Lately, we received a request from consumer exactly where his web site was not loading. He had difficulty in generating connection to the web site’s database. The web site showed the under error message:

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error '80004005' [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Information supply name not identified and no default driver specified /LM/W3SVC/144/ROOT/international.asa, line 18

As the fist step, we verified the permissions and ownership of the database files. The IUSR account had suitable permissions on the files.

Then, we checked the DSN connection string. And, we identified that the database connection string in his .asa file was set up incorrectly. Consequently, we corrected the settings and that fixed the web site error.

Similarly, in circumstances exactly where ODBC errors show up due to open connections, our Committed Engineers recycle the web site’s application pool which will close any connections from the internet site. We also educate prospects to log off or close any FTP consumers right after accessing the database file.

Usually, to troubleshoot DSN associated errors, we normally test the web site code with a DSN-significantly less connection. That very easily assists to remove DSN errors.

And, in the worst occasion of database corruption, all we do is database restore from backup.

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In a nutshell, ODBC error 80004005 can take place due to incorrect permission on database files, incorrect connection string, corrupt database and several additional. Now, we saw the prime 5 causes for the error and how our Help Engineers repair it.

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