osCommerce database settings – Common errors and fixes

osCommerce web site retailers information in a MySQL database.

Therefore, understanding osCommerce database settings are actually important for web page management.

Any sort of database error messes up the complete web site.

At Bobcares, we usually get requests to right osCommerce database errors as a aspect of our Server Management Solutions.

These days, let’s have a appear into the database settings of the osCommerce web site and see how our Assistance Engineers repair it.


Database settings in the osCommerce web site

Firstly, let’s go over the database settings of the osCommerce web site.

osCommerce makes use of PHP as the programming language and MySQL as the database. For any e-commerce web page, a database is essential for storing and fetching information connected to the web site.

By default, osCommerce requires note of the database particulars in the course of the installation. But, for additional editing these particulars, we require to edit the configuration file.

So, let’s have a appear into the osCommerce configuration file and database particulars.

The default place of the osCommerce web site is in the document root. Normally, there are two configure.php files. To make adjustments in the web site front finish we edit the file,

consists of/configure.php

And for managing the administration region, we use the file,

admin/consists of/configure.php

Even so, each files include equivalent information. The common database particulars in each files appear like,

define('DB_SERVER', 'localhost')

define('DB_SERVER_USERNAME', 'database_username')

define('DB_SERVER_PASSWORD', 'database_password')

define('DB_DATABASE', 'database_name')


These particulars are really essential for a right connection with the database. Hence, incorrect or invalid database particulars, typo errors, added white spaces in the database particulars, and so forth. outcome in database errors.


Frequent errors connected to database setting

Now, let’s have a appear into a handful of database settings that causes an error in the osCommerce web site. Largely, database errors happen either in the course of the installation actions or though producing adjustments in the configuration file.


Database errors in the course of installation

1st and foremost, osCommerce connects to a database in the second step of installation. Largely, the prevalent errors in the course of installation are:


1.Incorrect database particulars

For the duration of installation, osCommerce verifies the database particulars by connecting to the offered database.

If the offered particulars are incorrect, or if the database with offered particulars does not exist, it final results in errors.

In some instances, the database user does not have sufficient privileges on the offered database, and we get the error message as,

Access denied for user 'dbUser'@'localhost' (employing password: YES)


In this case, the Assistance Group rechecks the database particulars in the configuration file and database user privileges.

Largely, the database user may perhaps not have sufficient privileges on the offered database. Therefore we make certain that the database and the database user with all privileges exist.


2. MySQL service not operating

Similarly, if the mysqld service is not operating then, osCommerce can not connect to the database and we get the following error,

Cannot connect to regional MySQL server by way of socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock'(2)


For fixing this error, our Assistance Group restarts the mysqld service.

If the mysqld restart doesn’t operate, we manually kill the course of action and then restart it once more.

The thriving restart of the mysqld service and reloading of the installation web page resolve this error.


3. Missing MySQL extensions

In some instances, osCommerce installation shows up an error on missing MySQL extension. This error message seems as,

osCommerce database setting error missing mysql extenstion


When our consumers have this error, our Assistance Group repair it by checking the file catalog/set up/templates/pages/index.php.

We verify the code in the file and right it. Later, we save the file and reload the installation web page.


Errors in Database configuration settings

Also, osCommerce can report errors due to incorrect database configuration also.

At instances, the client may perhaps have to adjust the database server to a remote host. In this case, there are a handful of essential points to take into consideration.

When altering the database server, we require to update the particulars manually in the configuration file.

Largely, the manual entry of information in the configuration file final results in syntax errors, typo errors, and so forth.

When our consumers strategy us with this error, the Devoted Engineers verify the file and right the errors.

Most importantly, when the client adjustments the database server to a remote host, then the configuration file ought to have the following update,

define('DB_SERVER', 'remotehost')


Normally, the Assistance Group checks and confirms the database server settings from the front panel. To discover the particulars we navigate as, osCommerce Administration>> Tools>> Server information.

The server facts will be updated as:

osCommerce database settings in server info


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In brief, we saw the value of the osCommerce database settings in managing the web site. We also saw feasible errors that happen due to improper database settings and how our Assistance Engineers repair it.

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