Reset OpenCart admin password – The flawless way

Forgetting passwords quit you from accessing applications like OpenCart.

And, when you shed access specifics, the only selection is to reset OpenCart admin password.

Nevertheless, OpenCart password reset could usually fail due to incorrect database settings and a lot far more.

At Bobcares, we usually get requests from our prospects to modify the OpenCart admin password as component of our Server Management Solutions.

Nowadays, we’ll see how our Help Engineers modify the admin password for OpenCart and fixed associated errors.


How we modify the OpenCart Password

Frequently, OpenCart customers can overlook their passwords. Then, they attempt to retrieve the password through the Forgotten Password hyperlink. And, when even the retrieval of password fails, the only selection is to reset the admin password.

This calls for the reset of password in the database. For that, we use phpMyAdmin in cPanel to modify the password of the admin account.

1. Firstly, we log into cPanel and click on phpMyAdmin.

2. Then, we pick the database that the OpenCart shop utilizes.

3. Soon after that, we discover the user table and then click on Edit, subsequent to the admin user.

3. Subsequent, we pick MD5 from the dropdown menu which corresponding to the Password field. Also, we eliminate the encrypted password and enter the preferred password there.

4. Lastly, click on the Go button to save the modifications.


How we fixed associated errors

Now, let’s see how our Help Engineers solved the troubles that take place when altering the OpenCart admin password.


1. Incorrect database connection in the configuration file

Not too long ago, 1 of our prospects contacted us with a issue right after altering the OpenCart admin password. He couldn’t log in to the OpenCart admin panel even right after altering the password.

OpenCart has 2 files /confing.php and /admin/config.php with the connecting information. Also, the database connection in /config.php and /admin/config.php are the very same.

On checking our Help Engineers located that the database connection specifics in /admin/config.php have been incorrect. For that reason we reset the admin password and set the new worth in the file. Moreover, we corrected the username as well.

That fixed the issue and OpenCart began operating fine.


2. Unique characters

From time to time, customers can’t log in OpenCart admin panel right after altering the password even with appropriate login credentials. This could come about due to the presence of particular characters like @,&.

That signifies, when resetting password customers could include things like an @, & and * to strengthen the password. But, this could not be updated appropriately in the database password field.

So, we recommend our prospects attempt with an alternate password. Or, we create a robust password and reset it for the buyer.


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In brief, reset OpenCart admin password could fail due to incorrect database update, or due to the presence of particular characters like @, &. Nowadays, we saw how our Help Engineers fixed these errors.

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