Webmin DNS management – A smart way to edit records

New internet site setup, migrations, and so on. involve DNS modifications.

Even a slight error can make the internet site down. That’s why managing DNS becomes a critical job.

Fortunately, Webmin DNS management tends to make items simpler and easy to configure a Bind DNS server.

At Bobcares, we usually get requests to setup DNS in Webmin as aspect of our Server Management Solutions.

Nowadays, let’s get into the specifics and see how our Help Engineers do Webmin DNS management and repair associated errors.


How we handle DNS in Webmin

Let’s now verify the actions that we do in Webmin servers.

As a main step of the internet site DNS set up, we have to have to produce a master zone for the domain. The master zone defines that this server is the authority for the domain that is getting designed.

1. Initially, we log into the Webmin manage panel.

2. Then, we click on Servers and then the BIND DNS server in the navigation menu.

3. Subsequent, we click on the Generate master zone button and fill the following field as well.

  1. Domain name:- Without the need of subdomain E.g. domain.com and not www.domain.com.
  2. Master server:- Form in the domain name as properly, but constantly make sure that the server’s hostname is properly updated.
  3. E-mail address

4. Ultimately, we click the Generate button to produce a new zone.

This is how we produce a master zone for that domain. After it is completed, we can add and modify distinct records for other domains as well.

A total set of selections in Webmin panel shows up as:


How we repair frequent DNS errors

At Bobcares, exactly where we have extra than a decade of experience in managing servers, we see numerous consumers face challenges when managing DNS in Webmin.

Now let’s see the significant motives for DNS errors and how our Help Engineers repair the prime errors.


1. Firewall Block

Lately, a single of our consumers had an error on the internet site. He was having an error like Warning domain.co.uk does not have an IP Address (A) record." "Error None of this zone's name servers responded on the request for 'domain.co.uk' records.

On checking, our Help Engineers discovered that the BIND was unavailable to the outdoors planet. On additional checking, we could see a firewall blocking UDP port 53.

For that reason, we had to tweak the Webmin firewall settings. That solved the difficulty and the internet site began functioning once again.


2. Misconfiguration in named.conf

In some cases, a syntax error or misconfiguration in the /and so on/named.conf file prevents the DNS from suitable resolving. Anytime a buyer has a DNS error we will make sure that the IP is not blocking by any firewall program. Soon after that, we will use the command utility dig to verify regardless of whether it is resolving to a suitable IP address or not.

Also, we also verify the /var/log/messages to come across the cause for the DNS difficulty. So, if a syntax error happens in /and so on/named.conf, an error will report in /var/log/messages.

According to that error log, our Help Engineers alter the settings in /and so on/named.conf and will resolve the error as well.


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In quick, improper Webmin DNS management leads to errors on the internet site. It happens when a misconfiguration happens in the DNS configuration file or due to the undesirable firewall settings. Nowadays, we saw the several motives for DNS errors and how our Help Engineers repair them.

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