Why & how we disable SSL in Webmin?

Webmin is a internet hosting manage panel to handle Linux servers.

Miniserv is the internet server application that handles the Webmin Net applications.

By default, Miniserv makes use of SSL for HTTP connections. But with this default settings, we’ve observed some errors whilst accessing Webmin panel.

Even so, we can disable SSL in Webmin by editing the Miniserv configuration file.

These days, we’ll see the cause why our Assistance Engineers disable SSL in Webmin manage panel and repair the associated concern.


The cause for disabling SSL in Webmin

Let’s appear at the cause to disable SSL and how our Assistance Engineers disabled them.

Incorrect settings in Webmin configuration file

Not too long ago, one particular of our clients had reported us with a dilemma soon after Webmin installation on Linux and when they attempt to access Webmin making use of URL through browser it shows an errors like this.

"The Web Server is running in SSL mode. Try the URL https://SERVER IP ADDRESS:10000/ instead."


Error - Terrible Request This internet server is operating in SSL mode.

This is simply because by default Miniserv internet server runs in SSL mode. So, to repair this dilemma we disabled SSL from server backend by performing the under methods.

1. Initially, we login to the server through SSH.

2. Edit the Miniserv internet server configuration file “/etc/webmin/miniserv.conf” making use of vi editor.

3. Find the code ssl=1 and adjust the worth to 0 in “/etc/webmin/miniserv.conf” file.

4. Save the configuration file.

5. Ultimately, we restart the service.

service webmin restart

As an alternate alternative, we can disable SSL mode in Webmin manage panel by just carrying out the following methods like.

1. Login to Webmin manage panel

2. Then, click on SSL Encryption below Webmin Configuration.

3. Ultimately, pick the “Allow SSL if offered?” to No and click save.

As a result, with SSL disabled the buyer can access the Webmin application more than a typical HTTP connection devoid of any fail.


A typical error soon after disabling SSL

From time to time, disabling SSL adequately doesn’t genuinely perform whilst accessing Webmin. It shows an error like

To repair this error we generally advise clearing the browser cache, cookies prior to accessing the Webmin manage panel devoid of https.

Also, yet another step we take to clear the cache is editing the configuration file.

This is accomplished by adding the code no_testing_cookie=1 in /and so on/webmin/miniserv.conf file and ultimately, restart the service.

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To be extra precise, with SSL enabled settings in Webmin configuration file benefits in error whilst accessing the Webmin manage panel. These days, we saw why we disable SSL and how our Assistance Engineers fixed the associated error.

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