What’s new with Dynamics 365 Licensing ?

Wondering how to add Quickhelp to your portfolio? We’ll show you how to create new bundles that combine the great features of Office 365 plus the benefits of this new eLearning tool. SherWeb’s product Manager, Cyril Courrée, will be joined by Todd Marinos, a Quickhelp specialist. During the webinar, Todd will give a live demo […]

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The way to Rent a Designer to Create a Customized Web site

If you need a website, there are plenty of ways you can get one. You could create it yourself, although if you lack the time or skills required, that may not be a feasible option. Your best solution may be to hire a professional, but figuring out how to find the right one and get […]

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ASP, ASP.NET, and Traditional ASP: What They Are, and What You Have to Know

As a business owner, there are many factors to consider when choosing a platform for building your website. You’ll want to build a site that makes the most of your budget, and optimizes performance. However, with so many options, it can be hard to know which platform to choose. ASP is a type of website …

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2 widespread errors with cPanel distant mail exchanger and the right way to repair them

Up until a few years ago, domains had both mails and websites set up on the same server. Things have changed nowadays and many people use custom mail servers like Google, Outlook etc. to handle mails for their domains. To make this happen, server management tools like cPanel provide a setting called “Remote Mail Exchanger”. […]

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cPanel DNS cluster – The Professionals and the Cons!

A slow website can harm your business as much as a broken site – And you wouldn’t want either of these to happen to you! That’s where clusters and High Availability setup helps. As part of our Dedicated Support Services, we configure and maintain High availability clusters for our customers who are web hosts. A […]

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Zayo Considerably Increasing Its Metro Fiber Networks in Europe


Zayo Group, a global fiber and bandwidth connectivity, colocation as well as cloud infrastructure provider owning a 128,900-mile network in North America and Europe, has announced strategic expansions in London, Paris, Dublin and Amsterdam addressing growing demand for bandwidth.

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Murderer’s Creed Odyssey Launched on Ubitus’ Cloud Gaming Expertise


The new game Assassin’s Creed Odyssey published by Ubisoft Entertainment and released on Nintendo Switch on Oct 5, 2018, is leveraging Ubitus’ GameCloud technology.

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5 causes you want search engine optimisation in your weblog 

Deciding to operate a blog can arise from any number of situations. Whether you are looking to create a direct channel of communication between your business and potential customers, or launch your opinions and creativity into the digital universe, every blogger must know that, to survive, you need to work towards two things: Building a […]

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