What’s Public Key Encryption And Why Does It Matter?

Public key encryption is one of the most used security technologies on the internet. In this post, we provide an overview of what private key encryption is, how it works and why it’s important. How does encryption work? When using encryption, the message being sent is combined with a key in the encryption algorithm. This…

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Tips on how to repair “554 Too many recipients” electronic mail error

Here at Bobcares.com, we provide Outsourced Tech Support to web hosting providers. As part of our service, we resolve email errors posted by hosting users. A common email bounce error we see in VPS and Shared servers is: The rejected e-mail address was ‘user@domain.com’. Subject ‘My mail subject’, Server Error: 554, Server Response: 554 Too many recipients, Server: […]

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The whole lot You Must Know About Area Names: A Fast Begin Information

You have the right idea for a business, and the first step to starting your online journey is finding the right domain name. Once you discover which option best works for you and your business, you can start establishing your brand online. We’ve gathered all of the essential information you need to find a domain […]

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How one can Construct Your Personal Job Board Web site

Job board websites are a convenient place for employers to post openings, and for job-seekers to respond and apply. Running your own job board site can be a fantastic way to earn revenue, do some networking, and more. However, exactly how to get started can be less clear. Fortunately, anyone can create a job board. …

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All the pieces That’s Superior About DNS & Hostwinds’ DNS Administration Answer

It’s 2018, so at this point it’s no secret that the internet holds a significant amount of clout and influence worldwide. It may be less obvious, however, that IP addresses, those number codes that tie to and uniquely identify each website address, govern the internet. Let’s walk through some of the relevant characteristics and elements of that method which deciphers these number codes and transposes them into easy-to-read website URLs.   Domain Name System and DNS Ingredients In short, the Domain Name System translates the URLs entered in the internet search bar into an IP address. Individuals who have never heard of an IP address can competently navigate to their desired website because of a Domain Name System. What a…

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Backblaze and macOS 10.14 Mojave

Last week, Apple released macOS 10.14 “Mojave.” Many Backblaze users experienced a less-than-ideal update experience. We wanted to take a moment to summarize what happened, how to fix the issue, and what we’re doing to avoid this in the future. If you’re updating or have updated to Mojave, please make sure you are running the….

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Assist Needed: Knowledge Middle Technician

Want to work at a company that helps customers in 156 countries around the world protect the memories they hold dear — a company that stores over 500 petabytes of customers’ photos, music, documents, and work files in a purpose-built cloud storage system? Here’s your chance. Backblaze is looking for a Data Center Technician! Company….

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