How we enabled PHP FPM Memcached for faster websites

Have you ever thought what slows down your server? This may be due to a large number of request for a database in a single time. Here’s PHP FPM Memcached’s role which is a distributed memory caching system. This can reduce database load and accelerates web applications. At Bobcares, we often get requests from our […]

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China’s largest chipmaker is delisting from the Nasdaq

The U.S-China trade war is increasingly influencing tech. Huawei has suffered a turbulent past week with key suppliers pausing work with the company, and now China’s largest chipmaker is planning to delist from the New York Stock Exchange. Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp (SMIC) announced in a filing published Friday that it plans to delist next […]

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Budweiser Is Brewing Beer With Wind Energy

Budweiser is now using wind energy to power its breweries and other facilities. That’s right; your next six-pack will be brewed using wind power. This new wind farm is known as the Thunder Ranch. This should come as little surprise if you watched the Super Bowl back in February. They had a very clear commercial …

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Business author Julian Guthrie on the biggest difference between ‘alpha’ men and women

If you’ve been out and about in Silicon Valley in the last month or so, chances are you’ve heard of “Alpha Girls,” a new book written by longtime journalist Julian Guthrie about four investors who’ve made a big impact on the world of startup investing. The book recognizes the four — Theresia Gouw, MJ Elmore, […]

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First American site bug exposed 885 million sensitive insurance records

News just in from security reporter Brian Krebs: Fortune 500 real estate insurance giant First American exposed approximately 885 million sensitive records because of a bug in its website. Krebs reported that the company’s website was storing and leaking bank account numbers, statements, mortgage and tax records, and Social Security numbers and driving license images […]

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WordCamp Detroit 2019 – Recap

Detroit. The Motor City and home to a vast, 1400-acre salt mine. And a prime location for the WordPress community. It’s not just the location that makes WordCamp Detroit 2019 a success, but the people. When I got off the plane, the weather was a bit rocky. It was raining lightly, but I wasn’t going …

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How to see another company’s growth tactics and try them yourself

Every company’s online acquisition strategy is out in the open. If you know where to look. This post shows you exactly where to look, and how to reverse engineer their growth tactics…

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‘Observation’ is a tense, atmospheric puzzler where you play a modern HAL 9000

When you watch 2001: A Space Odyssey, do you find yourself criticizing HAL 9000’s machinations and thinking, “I could do better than that!” If so, Observation may be right up your alley. In it you play a space station AI called SAM that is called upon by the humans on board to help resolve a deadly mystery — though you may be a part of it yourself.

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