Twitter will start testing its ‘hide replies’ feature next week, in Canada

Twitter customers are having a lot more manage more than which comments are visible in the conversations they start out.

The enterprise has been testing and speaking about this function due to the fact earlier this year, but beginning subsequent week, Twitter will truly roll it out to customers in Canada.

As you can see in the GIF beneath, when you’re hunting at replies to your tweets, you’ll be capable pick any of them and hit the “hide reply” selection. On the other hand, as the name implies, these posts won’t be totally removed from Twitter, just hidden from the default view — every person will nonetheless be capable to tap on a gray icon to view hidden replies.

Right here’s how Twitter’s Michelle Yasmeen Haq and Brittany Forks clarify the function:

Every day, persons start out significant conversations on Twitter, from #MeToo and #BlackLivesMatter, to discussions about #NBAFinals or their favored tv shows. These conversations bring persons collectively to debate, find out, and laugh. That mentioned we know that distracting, irrelevant, and offensive replies can derail the discussions that persons want to have. We think persons ought to have some manage more than the conversations they start out.

Twitter Hide Replies

As my colleague Sarah Perez noted previously, the existing implementation is open to at least two criticisms — a single, that it could let customers to hide vital viewpoints or reality-checking of their tweets (possibly quote-tweeting will be the far better tactic moving forward), and two, that it nonetheless forces persons to wade by means of potentially trollish or hateful content material in order to hide replies.

Haq and Forks also emphasize that Twitter is nonetheless hunting for strategies to increase the function: “By testing in one country we want to get feedback and better understand how this tool can improve before it’s available globally.”

And yes, the timing of the news is a tiny awkward, coming ideal right after Twitter went down for about an hour.