Starline Introduces Ceph, iSCSI and NVMe In One Scale-Out SAN Solution


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Starline Pc GmbH, a provider of virtualization and storage options such as SAN (Storage Region Network), RAID systems and controllers, NAS (Network Attached Storage), IP storage and servers, has introduced PetaSAN – an open supply-primarily based application permitting management of limitless scalable application defined storage as an iSCSI cluster with cloud connection.

With Starline’s PetaSAN application remedy, difficult administration and time-consuming reinstallation of quite a few elements for far better integration with the Ceph atmosphere would be a issue of the previous. The open supply remedy PetaSAN would include things like all elements important the Ceph modules needed for the full installation, from the operating technique to the full Ceph installation and configuration. This also contains the activation of Accurate MPIO iSCSI and Accurate automatic failover for iSCSI paths.

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In the common configuration of a Starline PetaSAN installation, engineers can use the integrated NVMe drives for the Journal to increase functionality – a variant that would provide “agile performance while saving costs.” They can also configure the remedy to run totally on NVMe, based on the consumer’s application and needs. The cluster, which is continuously expanding in size and functionality, is hence offered a additional increase by “powerful” hardware.

At Starline, the PetaSAN remedy runs on ‘Zealbox’ servers assembled from Supermicro components. The remedy would supply clients the capability to reap the rewards of a scalable Ceph cluster combined with native and hugely redundant MPIO iSCSI capabilities for Windows Server and VMware.

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