CTRL-labs scoops up Myo armband tech from North

Prior to pivoting to sensible glasses, Thalmic Labs (now North) attempted its finest to make its Myo gestural arm band controller the future of user input. Now, a different startup is selecting up the baton, acquiring patents associated to the item and buyer information.

The IP is becoming purchased by CTRL-labs, a New York-primarily based startup complete of neuroscientists aiming to make a wrist-worn input device that translates electrical signals from your physique into laptop input. The startup closed a $28 million Series A final year with funding coming from Vulcan Capital, GV and other individuals.

In December, CTRL-labs launched its personal improvement kit for a device equivalent in scope to the Myo armband but much more robust in its sensing capabilities.

Whilst Thalmic Labs had its personal ambitions for extracting input from the physique’s electrical signals, CTRL-labs tells me that the patent buy is largely focused on acquiring the tech behind the armbands gestural controls, which translated sweeping arm movements into input mechanisms. The startup hopes that by integrating the tech into future improvement kits, developers will have much more selections for functionality as the corporation strives to fine tune its much more complicated readings.

The buy marks the close of an era for North, which has raised practically $200 million according to CrunchBase and marked a big pivot final year away from its Myo armband towards its new Focals sensible glasses. North has been complete steam ahead on the sensible glasses and appears to have dumped plans to pursue the Myo band additional so offloading the patents appears like an effortless option as the group labors to scale sales of its sensible glasses that begins at $599 ($799 with prescription lenses).

For its aspect, CTRL-labs exec Josh Duyan tells me that the connection involving the two firms came about due to mutual investor Spark Capital creating the connection. Duyan declined to disclose the price tag of the deal.



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