Gogoro launches its newest electric vehicle, a lightweight scooter called Viva

Gogoro, the Taiwanese electric automobile enterprise, revealed its newest automobile nowadays, a lightweight scooter made for individuals who want a thing smaller sized than 1 of the company’s Smartscooter mopeds, but a lot more highly effective than an electric bike. Named the Viva, the scooter can run for 85 kilometers on 1 of Gogoro’s swappable batteries, which are charged at the similar stations as its Smartscooters.

VIVA Right Pomegranate RedHorace Luke, co-founder and CEO of Gogoro, tells TechCruch that the Viva was produced as an environmentally-friendly option to 50cc to 100cc gas scooters. It will be out there beginning in October, launching initially in Taiwan subsequent year ahead of becoming released in some international markets.

Produced from recyclable scratch-proof strong-core polypropylene and out there in 5 colour combinations, the Viva weighs 80 kilograms and has up to 21 liters of storage. It will retail at USD $1,800, with about 100 optional accessories out there, like baskets and racks.

As in quite a few other Asian cities, mopeds are well known in Taiwan and serve as the key automobile for quite a few drivers, transporting a number of passengers and deliveries. Luke says Gogoro’s scooters now account for 95% of the country’s electric automobile market place share and about 17% of all new automobiles sold in Taiwan, like gas ones.

Viva was produced to attract clients who do not want to deal with the charges, like upkeep visits and parking, of owning a larger moped.

“The Viva is aimed toward the population going no more than 5 kilometers a day, who don’t want to worry about scratches, cost of ownership, having to take it to the shop for maintenance or parking,” he adds. “We have 17% market share and now the question is how do you get to 25% or 35% market share?”

Like Gogoro’s mopeds, the Viva is also connected to the company’s iQ method, which lets customers unlock their automobiles and monitor mileage and upkeep with a smartphone app. With Taiwanese government subsidies for electric automobiles, it will price NTD $25,980 (about USD $837), generating it competitive with the pricing of higher-finish electric bikes. Gogoro will also provide two years of absolutely free upkeep for Vivas sold in Taiwan.

Gogoro has now sold a lot more than 200,000 Smartscooters and is present in international markets like the European Union (via a partnership with scooter-sharing service Coup), South Korea, exactly where it lately launched electric scooters made for delivery drivers, and Japan. It also runs a mobility platform made to be a white-label remedy for ride-sharing providers.