iOS and Android are about to get a bunch of new emoji

Tomorrow is Globe Emoji Day. Why is there a Globe Emoji Day? No concept! But it’s tomorrow!

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To recognize the day, Apple and Google have each shed some light on their plans with regards to new emoji coming to their operating systems in the coming months. Each providers are adding about 60 new emoji in all, from cutesie stuff like sloths and otters to critical icons of representation.

Initial up, each providers are overhauling their handholding couple emojis so that your emoji men and women can hold hands with whomever you please, regardless of gender or skin tone.

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Google also notes that, as of Android Q, any Emoji that doesn’t have a gender specified in its Unicode documentation — emoji like ‘police officer’ or ‘individual having haircut’ and 51 other folks — will now default to a “gender ambiguous design”. You’ll be in a position to press-and-hold an emoji to choose a “male” or “female” presentation, if you’d choose.

Each platforms will also be having a ton of new accessibility-focused emoji. Apple proposed these early final year, with the Unicode Consortium (the group that determines the official emoji set) providing its stamp of approval in February of this year.

There’s a service dog:


Persons making use of two various sorts of wheelchairs:


A prosthetic arm and prosthetic leg:


Ear with hearing help, and the ASL sign for ‘deaf’:

hearing aid

And a individual with a white cane:

white cane

There’s also a ton of other new stuff becoming added in, from animals to axes. There’s sloths:


And flamingos:


And orangutans, otters, and skunks:

otter skunk

There’s a bunch of new clothes, like saris, swim shorts, and security vests.


And, ultimately, an emoji that I am honestly kinda shocked wasn’t currently in there: the yawning smiley.


I completely anticipate to see that final one particular employed sarcastically across Slack and Twitter at least 43x a day.

Apple says the new emoji will hit iOS “this fall”, whilst Google says they’ll arrive with the release of Android Q later this year. If you want to see the complete list of items coming in 2019, you can come across it more than on Emojipedia.


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