Mark Hurd, the co-CEO of Oracle, is taking a leave of absence, citing health reasons

Mark Hurd, a single two CEOs major the application giant Oracle, is taking a leave of absence owing to well being causes, he told workers in a letter currently. Oracle has not specified what Hurd’s well being problem is or how lengthy he is anticipated to be away.

Hurd joined Oracle nine years ago, soon after spending 5 years with Hewlett-Packard exactly where he was CEO, president, and, in the end, board chairman, all roles from which he was pressured to resign in 2010 soon after submitting inaccurate expense reports developed to conceal his “close personal relationship” with a female contractor who helped with H-P’s advertising.

The news shocked several outsiders offered Hurd’s functionality, which saw the shares of H-P double on his watch. Hurd left with $12,224,693 in severance the incredibly subsequent month, Larry Ellison, a pal of Hurd, named him the co-president of Oracle, the firm Ellison had himself founded in the summer season of 1977.

Mentioned then-CEO Ellison in a statement at the time, “Mark did a brilliant job at H.P., and I anticipate he’ll do even greater at Oracle. There is no executive in the I.T. globe with much more relevant knowledge than Mark.”

Certainly, when Ellison stepped down as the CEO of Oracle in 2014 to come to be the firm’s chief technologies officer as an alternative, he promoted to Hurd to the part of CEO, a part he has given that shared with Oracle’s former CFO, Safra Catz.

With Hurd’s departure for now, Catz will come to be the sole CEO of Oracle. Ellison, who remains the firm’s CTO, is also anticipated to take on some of Hurd’s responsibilities, says CNBC, will be unique for Hurd due to the fact he’s sharing it with Oracle’s former CFO Safra Catz.

Hurd, who attended Baylor University in Waco, Tex., on a tennis scholarship, started his profession at NCR Corp., exactly where he was promoted to COO 22 years into his tenure with the firm, and to the part of CEO the following year, in 2003.

Two years later, H-P brought him aboard.

In at statement currently, Ellison attempted to reassure Oracle investors, writing that “Oracle has an particularly capable CEO in Safra Catz and an extraordinarily deep group of executives, several with lengthy tenure at Oracle.” Mentioned Catz in the identical statement: “Mark was particularly engaged with the small business by way of the finish of our just completed Q1, but now Mark demands to concentrate on his well being.”

This story is creating. In the meantime, Hurd’s complete note to workers follows:

To all my pals and colleagues at Oracle,

Although we all worked difficult with each other to close the initially quarter, I’ve decided that I need to have to commit time focused on my well being.  At my request, the Board of Directors has granted me a healthcare leave of absence. As you all know, Larry, Safra and I have worked with each other as a powerful group, and I have fantastic self-confidence that they and the complete executive management group will do a terrific job executing the fascinating plans we will showcase at the upcoming OpenWorld.

I enjoy Oracle and want you all accomplishment for the duration of my absence.


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