Pokémon GO battles will soon be less tappy, more Fruit Ninja-y

At the finish of final year, Pokémon GO lastly got a player-versus-player battling method. When it was a incredibly a great deal welcomed addition, it has constantly seemed a bit&#8230 monotonous. It just demands so&#8230 a great deal&#8230 tapping.

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You repeatedly tap the screen to make your Pokémon attack, simultaneously constructing up its “Charge” move with every tap. As soon as it’s time to unleash the charge, you tap a button on screen to fire off the move, then tap as rapidly as you can to make that move far more potent. Tap! Tap! Tap! Taptaptaptaptaptap. Repeat till the battle is more than. It’s a excellent thumb exercise, but it arguably wasn’t incredibly a great deal exciting.

In a tweet this afternoon, Niantic announced that they’re altering points up. The core mechanics of the battle method will stay the very same, but charge attacks will now be much less about tapping swiftly, and far more about precise swiping. As soon as you’ve fired off your charge move, you’ll swipe your finger across a trail of icons falling across your screen. The far more you gather just before time runs out, the far more potent your attack will be.

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You can see a fast demo of the new charge method in the video beneath starting about 13 seconds in. (The very first 13 seconds, meanwhile, demonstrate an overhauled appraisal method for assisting you figure out your certain Pokémon’s special stats):

These adjustments to battle mechanics are bound to be at least a tiny divisive for the reason that&#8230 effectively, they’re adjustments. Some folks will really like’m, some folks will constantly choose the old tap-tap-tap charge mechanics, and other individuals will retain yelling that the game must just use the very same turn-by-turn battle method identified in the primary Pokémon series.

At very first glance, although, I like this new idea. It reminds me a bit of glyph hacking in Niantic’s very first game, Ingress, or the spell casting mechanics in its most current title, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Swiping up icons appears just a pinch far more entertaining than furiously bashing at the screen, with out genuinely messing with the underlying battle mechanics. At the incredibly least, my thumb appreciates the adjust.