Steve Carell is coming to Netflix in a new comedy about the U.S. government’s new Space Force

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Steve Carell is coming back to small screen comedy for a new Netflix series about the people tasked with creating the “Space Force”; — the proposed sixth branch of the military.

Details about the new show from Carrell and Greg Daniels, who was the mind behind the American version of “The Office”;, are sketchy. Netflix hasn’;t given any specifics about the number of episodes or potential release date.

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What’;s certain is that this Space Force is less likely to draw criticism and condemnation than the real proposal put forward by President Donald Trump last year.

Pence announced that the Space Force would make its debut in 2020. That could be well after Netflix gets the Carell series up and running.

The Space Force project marks the second series Carell has signed on to do with a streaming service provider. He’;s also on board for the Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon led ensemble drama about a morning TV show.