Tesla explodes after crash on Russian highway

A Tesla automobile involved in a collision burst into flames and exploded on a highway close to Moscow final evening, regional media reported. The occupants have been slightly injured, but the car or truck is toast.

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The model of the car or truck is not clear from reporting, but appears to be either a Model S or Model 3. It was getting driven by a 41-year-old Russian man, who had his young children with him. He had reportedly engaged a drive help function (although not necessarily Autopilot) and had his hands on the wheel when he crashed into a tow truck in the left lane.

The driver broke his legs and the little ones got away with just bruises, Reuters reported, but the car or truck wasn’t so fortunate. Some time following the crash the car or truck caught fire, and shortly following that a pair of explosions occurred inside its physique, as seemingly captured (I was unable to straight confirm this) in the following video posted by a person in visitors going the other path:

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Firefighters quickly arrived and place the flames out. The situations of this crash are nonetheless unclear, and there will no doubt be an investigation, as there are for any critical challenges like this. I’ve asked Tesla for far more facts and will update this post if I hear back.

Although automobiles crash and catch fire on a pretty typical basis, Teslas have a uncommon but recurring challenge of bursting into flame following a crash, or even spontaneously. The one of a kind dangers of battery-primarily based autos are of course fascinating, but the sensational nature of reports about them can also give a false concept of these dangers. Tesla automobiles are in crashes about as frequently as other autos, but fires are uncommon.

No matter if Autopilot was involved is also not clear. The drive-help mode the driver was employing might basically have been cruise manage or the like, and the driver told papers that he didn’t notice the tow truck. Till far more information are identified speculation is fruitless.