to close, replaced as a section of GameStop

Sad news for any one who loves geeky goods and prime-notch April Fools’ jokes:, the 20 year old on line retailer recognized for promoting far more geek-centric gadgets and peripherals than you could match in a TARDIS, is going away.

According to an FAQ sitting at the prime of its web page, ThinkGeek isn’t “shutting down”. It just won’t continue on as the web page we’ve come to know, rather living on as a shadow of its former self as a section in GameStop (which acquired ThinkGeek in 2015 for a reported $140M.)

Says the FAQ:

On July 2nd, 2019, will be moving in with our parent corporation GameStop. Soon after this move, you will be in a position to shop a curated choice of special products historically identified on through a ThinkGeek section at GameStop

The word “curated” is quite crucial, there, for the reason that there’s just no way a couple of shelves in GameStop will be in a position to cover the array of fandoms that covered. From Marvel, to Star Wars, to Potter, to Tolkien, it covered a entire lot of (fan)bases in 1 swoop. is — or, I guess, was — 1 of these shops that was exciting to discover anytime I identified myself there, I’d inevitably shed track of time clicking about from category to category, usually throwing down a credit card for some Star Wars shirt or Aperture Science pint glass I almost certainly didn’t have to have. Hopefully that sense of “Oooh, look at that! And that! And that!” will reside on in what ever section springs up on GameStop’s web page.

The corporation also says that the 40 standalone ThinkGeek retail retailers dotting the US will remain open.

This news comes following a couple of back-to-back 75% off sales of all clearance goods, and now it appears like they’ve marked points down 50% web page wide to clear the warehouses.

Probably most of all, we’ll miss ThinkGeek’s April Fools’ day gags. On a day in which quite a few firms come across themselves attempting a bit as well tough to make us laugh, ThinkGeek just constantly seemed to get it correct. They’d sprinkle their web page with fake item listings for individuals to stumble upon. Issues like&#8230

The Fortnite R/C Battle Bus:

Or the Admiral Ackbar Singing Bass:

Or the completely brilliant Tauntaun sleeping bag (a gag that proved so well-known that they ended up producing and promoting them for a although):