TikTok Added 188 Million New Users Last Quarter, Growing 70% from Q1 2018

TikTok Downloads Q1 2019

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Social media sensation TikTok recorded its best first quarter yet for new users over the past three months, adding an estimated 188 million during Q1 according to Sensor Tower Store Intelligence. This marked a year-over-year increase of 70 percent from Q1 2018, when 110 million users installed ByteDance’s hit app for the first time.

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This growth was largely driven by India, where an estimated 88.6 million new users flocked to the app last quarter. This was 8.2 times more new installs than TikTok saw there in 1Q18 and was predominantly from Android, with Google Play accounting for nearly 99 percent of downloads.

By comparison, TikTok added approximately 13.2 million new users the United States during Q1, an increase of 181% year-over-year, or 2.8 times the 4.7 million installs it had there in 1Q18.

TikTok was the third most installed app globally during Q1 across the App Store and Google Play, the same rank it held during the previous quarter. It was ranked behind only Facebook’s WhatsApp and Messenger at No. 1 and No. 2, respectively.

Q1 was also a significant quarter for TikTok’s revenue from in-app purchases, with total user spending reaching an estimated $18.9 million globally. This was 222 percent or 3.2 times greater than the $5.9 million we show the app grossed during 1Q18. This spending was concentrated in the U.S. and China, which both accounted for 40 percent of the app’s revenue for the quarter. Our China revenue estimates do not include third-party Android stores there.

To date, Sensor Tower data shows that TikTok has been installed by more than 1.1 billion App Store and Google Play users globally, and has grossed $80 million from in-app purchases.

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