WeWork S-1, building marketplaces, improving content marketing, and the demise of Tumblr

WeWork’s S-1 misses these 3 essential points

Right after significantly discussion, WeWork lastly dropped its S-1 filing with the SEC these days as it tends to make preparations for its IPO. When the corporation has been generating sizable revenues the previous handful of years, the corporation didn’t disclose every thing I believe it required to in order for investors to make a judgment about its monetary future.

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It is not as although WeWork hasn’t attempted to give us some insight in its S-1. 1 of WeWork’s core operating metrics is “contribution margin including non-cash GAAP straight-line lease cost” (or what I will abbreviate just this a single time as CMINCGAAAPSLLC). By means of this metric, the corporation gives us a single quantity into the wellness of its enterprise — basically a way for investors to realize the efficiency of the company’s mature workplace areas.


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What’s missing right here although is that WeWork has aggregated its finances for hundreds of areas down to a summary statistic, complemented with a large quantity of text devoted to describing the evolution of a house from lease signing to mature profit-generating workplace. At no time does the corporation describe the contribution margin and how it adjustments all through the course of a single lease. Rather, it gives the following fully numbers-no cost chart displaying that … it tends to make a lot more income as time goes on.

How even the most effective marketplace startups get paralyzed

Marketplaces are challenging to create. You have to produce each provide and demand, and if that isn’t undesirable adequate, you then have to perform to match each sides of the marketplace to get a transaction to clear (and hence produce income).